Ecology of Love course recordings available as package with all material

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Ecosystems are love stories. Our most profound ways to relate and to feel, to exchange and to be touched, are ecological forms of gifting life, of loving. When we rediscover ecology as a vibrant love story, we can unlearn the violent habits of our civilisation. Over six weeks we’ll explore this story with biophilosopher, writer, and marine biologist Dr Andreas Weber, diving deep into a world of mutual belonging. 

We’ll unravel separatist myths and reweave the beauty of biology back into the fabric of ecological wisdom, inquiring into a diverse ecosystem of themes such as erotic ecology, animism, queer ecology, death, enlivenment and more. Supported by a background in marine biology, cultural studies and philosophy, Andreas will help us integrate science, mysticism and environmental thinking so that we can perceive the world anew through an ‘ecology of love’, an ecology which understands systems of living relationships as bearing both the practical and spiritual principles of a living cosmos. 

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